Launch and distribute recurring reports with ease
Group logically and create role-specific menus
Combine with Process Scheduler for added automation & control

Why use it?

Do you or your staff regularly spend time setting up, running and distributing recurring Crystal or Sage 300 Financial Reports?

  • Is time being wasted, or are poor decisions being made, by staff who struggle to access the reports they need, when they need them?
  • Would you like to improve both efficiency and data security by ensuring staff can easily launch and access reports that are relevant to their role, without being distracted by or having unauthorized access to those that aren’t?

What is it?

Report Runner forms the heart of your reporting and decision making. It places all your reports, from various Sage 300 (Accpac) modules, into central repositories for Crystal Reports and Financial Reports.

This allows you to quickly and easily access and launch vital reports. Running recurring reports uses the familiar Sage 300 controls: finders, dates, periods and checkboxes. You can run multiple reports, distribute them by email, save parameters for running them again, and create specific report menus for different roles. Report Runner operates with Sage 300's GL Financial Reporter and Crystal Reports.

Report Runner controls report launching. By combining with Orchid Process Scheduler you can also control when reports are executed and distributed, according to automated schedules.

Report Runner is part of the Information Manager suite of productivity tools from Orchid.

  • Time saving: No need to hunt for recurring reports or set them up.
  • Efficiency: Automate routine, repeated processes.
  • Streamlined reporting: greater accuracy, reduced errors.
  • Productivity: Easy access to the right reports, role specific menus.
  • Security: users only see the reports applicable to them.
  • Reduced complexity, training: just the reports users need.
  • Better decision making with the right information at the right time.
  • Launch Crystal Reports and Sage 300 GL Financial Reporter reports.
  • Easy access to multiple Crystal and GL Financial Reports.
  • You can include custom Crystal Reports and Financial Reports.
  • Keep reports together - group logically by function or process.
  • Create role-specific report menus with pre-defined and tailored report parameters for more efficient reporting.
  • Assign users role-based access to reports.
  • Security on individual Crystal reports (26 groups available).
  • Print, email and save reports.
  • Allow for storing of default printer in Options.
  • Save report parameters to allow quick re-running of reports.
  • Create e-mail templates to be used when scheduling Crystal and Financial Reports.
  • Uses flexible parameters on your Crystal Reports or customized Sage 300 reports – finders, date and period pickers, check boxes.
  • Crystal Report Runner reports can be exported to additional output types: Excel, Word, XML, CSV, RTF, TXT, TTX.
  • Crystal Report Runner can be scheduled to print, store the required printer on the schedule record and have a specific path and file name.
  • Easy to configure and deploy.
  • Export/import Crystal and Financial Report setups from company to company, site to site.
  • Developed in the Sage 300 SDK with consistent Sage 300 look and feel.
Minimum requirements

Report Runner 2018 requires Sage 300 2018. For scheduling, Orchid Process Scheduler is required.


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What do our clients think?

“Every one of my clients uses an Orchid product, and usually more than one, on a daily basis. Their products just work, doing their job consistently and dependably.”


“I love the control and flexibility that Orchid’s Report Runner gives my customers. My only regret is that I hadn’t taken the time to have a play with it sooner!”


"Our client is very happy with Orchid Process Scheduler and has utilized it to run Day End and Database Dump on a daily basis..."


"Orchid are just a joy to work with. If everyone cared 10% as much as you do my world would be complete!"