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Do your staff regularly refer to information outside Sage 300, such as post-it notes and other documentation, to help them with their tasks?

  • Are your efforts to increase collaboration being stifled by having key information held in ways that don’t facilitate sharing of knowledge?
  • Would you like to have relevant and contextual alerts, procedural instructions or other information presented where and when it’s needed, flexible enough to include images and hyperlinks, and all stored and managed within Sage 300?

What is it?

Notes lets you attach electronic notes to Sage 300 (Accpac) fields. It’s an easy way to guide users with messages telling what they need to know, when they need it.

Notes helps users complete their daily tasks more effectively. You configure your own information, which can include images and hyperlinks, to appear as context and data sensitive pop-up notes from any Sage 300 screen.

Notes messages can appear every time a field/screen is used, or be tied to specific data, e.g. users, customers or products. No more looking up Operations Manuals or searching for lost reminders - a simple online message can substantially reduce the risk of wrong data.

This tool is impressively flexible. Role-based notes can target your messages to the right people. Setup can be customized with user definable note types and colors. The Note can be either a pop-up note on screen, or a red icon, set up as flashing or not. Or, where a less “in your face” indication is required, in the system tray - access the Note via a Function key, or via the Note icon on the Sage 300 screen where the Note is configured.

Consider combining with other Orchid products, e.g.:

  • Use Notes with Extender to provide creative, tailored solutions. (See our K&K Interiors case study for an example.)
  • Use Notes with Document Management Link to show related documents alongside your contextual notes.
  • Use Notes with Information Manager Optional Tables to store structured notes against key Sage 300 fields. 
  • Increase accuracy: reduce mistakes in data collection.
  • Time saving: necessary information on screen when needed, no chance of forgetting.
  • Improved customer service with special information on what customers require.
  • Reduced training, with pop up guides for common questions.
  • Ensures information is shared and not lost.
  • On screen pop-up alerts provide users with relevant information when capturing data – at their fingertips.
  • Configurable alert types – pop-up text box, or flashing or colored icon in System Tray.
  • Definable Note types to separate various Notes by function.
  • Definable Note colors to indicate importance and attract attention.
  • You can now display images in the "alert" box.
  • User roles: different roles can have different access to Note types.
  • Flexibility – e.g. associate a Note with a particular Customer, role or Sage 300 screen.
  • Import notes from a CSV file.
  • Data conversion utility from Zippy Notes included.
  • Developed in the Sage 300 SDK, with its look and feel, security, customization capabilities, data integrity checking and more.


Extender Scripts: This is a new “Type” of information to be displayed in the Alert Box. Using Extender Scripts can allow you to generate conditional notes, display data from other systems, or enable drill-through to the source transaction entry screen within Sage 300.

Four sample Extender Scripts are provided to display:

  • Ageing information for a customer, including O/E Pending Orders drill through to the OE Order Entry Screen.
  • Customer's credit status, including drill through into the AR Invoices in each ageing period.
  • AR Customer Comments - conditional notes, as only those comments that have not expired are displayed.
  • Open orders / backorders for a customer - including drill through to the OE Order Entry Screen.

Note Icon: Access Notes via the new Note icon that appears on all configured screens (or F11)

"New” button: Insert a new Note via the “New” button in Alert Box (or F11).


  • Customer information: e.g. note that a Customer is closed for deliveries after 3pm, or Customer X in San Diego only orders the black model, or Customer is closed this week.
  • AR Collections set of Notes: e.g. about when invoices are paid.
  • Product information: e.g. Note that a product is on special discount, or no back orders allowed, or Model 123 is being replaced by Model 456.
  • Procedural: Notes can be used as guides to data entry, e.g. what a field is used for.
Minimum requirements

Notes 2017 requires Sage 300 2017 System Manager. Use of Extender Scripts within Notes requires Orchid Extender. Displaying Infosets for structured Notes requires Information Manager Optional Tables. 


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What do our clients think?

"...the Orchid Notes system is the best I’ve seen."


"Truly, my mind is overflowing with all of the possibilities of the interplay between Extender and Notes. This new relationship between them feels like such a game-changer! Sincerest kudos to you and your team - both of these modules are rapidly becoming 'must-quote' for me on new sales as it’s turning so many previous 'no's into 'yes's!"


“Thanks for your prompt reply – you guys are so on top of things!!”