Learn how to use some of the more advanced Extender Workflow capability.

We'll build on last month's Workflow 101 webinar by explaining and demonstrating some more advanced concepts and features, e.g.:

  • Advanced Configurator Actions
  • Manual Workflows
  • Controlling the flow of Actions within Workflow Steps
  • Using Parameters
  • Introducing Custom Actions, and using Workflow in custom scripts


Choose your Session

We've scheduled 3 sessions in order to accommodate attendees in different time zones. Each session will last one hour, and all 3 will cover the same material, so just choose the one that suits you best. The registration links below will take you to our GoToWebinar registration page for your preferred session. 


Session 1: Time Zone - Asia Pacific (APAC)

Wednesday 28-August
16:00 AEST (4pm Sydney) ; 10am Dubai; 2pm Singapore
Click here to register for Session 1


Session 2: Time Zone - Europe / Africa / Middle East

Wednesday 28-August
10:00 BST (10am London) ; 11am Johannesburg; 1pm Dubai; 5pm Singapore
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Session 3:  Time Zone - Americas

Wednesday 28-August
16:00 US ET (4pm New York / Toronto) ; 1pm Los Angeles / Vancouver
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