These Orchid products help you introduce "Management by Exception" (MBE) principles, so key staff can focus their attention where it's needed, when it's needed. 

Management by Exception, or MBE, is widely regarded as best practice when it comes to business or project management. The idea is that managers focus their attention on investigating and resolving things that deviate from the desired or expected range. Meanwhile, other staff are empowered to get on with their jobs, without being micromanaged.  

Before looking at where Orchid products fit in, what are the core principles of MBE?

Depending on your textbook of choice the terminology may differ, but you can be sure those principles will come down to some variant of this:

  1. Define: You have to unambiguously define what you consider to be 'normal' before you can start identifying exceptions.
  2. Identify: Put processes or systems in place, preferably automated, to flag conditions that sit outside that 'normal' range.
  3. Escalate: Having identified an exception, make sure the right people find out about it as soon as possible.
  4. Investigate: This implies having the right data, tools and skills to understand the nature and cause of the exception.
  5. Remediate: This is where managers earn their stripes. (If the investigation reveals no further action is required, you may need to refine your model...return to Step 1!)

Click the image below to view the video of Steve's webinar, in which he discusses and demonstrates how a range of Orchid products can be used to support MBE.


Watch our 'Managing by Exception' video

While other Orchid's products can have a role to play in defining, identifying, escalating and investigating exceptions, Steve's presentation focused on the following: