Orchid was only too happy to put our hands up when the Sage Foundation sought support for local Sydney charity "One Meal - it Makes a Difference".

One Meal van photo

Orchid often makes modest charitable donations, but just on a year ago we were introduced to a cause that really touched us, and made digging a bit deeper an easy decision.

Sage Australia, through the Sage Foundation, decided to support a very small and very local charity called "One Meal - it Makes a Difference". They invited local partners to get involved, and Orchid Systems was just one of those who were sufficiently inspired to make a contribution. Together, enough was raised to purchase a VW Caddy van for the charity. It was a proud day for Anne and Sue when they attended an event to hand over the keys. Our logo, featured on the rear of the van, has never been put to better use!



The "One Meal" story, in their own words
One Meal logo

One Meal – It Makes a Difference is a not for profit community organisation that helps to feed, clothe and support the homeless and underprivileged.

One Meal was founded December in 2014 when a group of friends came together to give back to the community with a one-off street service at Green Park in Sydney to provide “One Meal” to the needy at Christmas.

A month later they were back again and One Meal – It Makes a Difference was born.

From these simple beginnings and in a few short years One Meal has grown into an organisation that provides hundreds of meals to the needy each week across Sydney. Our meal service patrons are provided with breakfast packs to take away and further assisted where possible with swags, sanitary packs, toiletries, clothing items, blankets, etc.

Further support is delivered directly to struggling families with more than forty food hampers containing fresh food and grocery items distributed each week.

In addition to meal services, our recently established One Meal Medical and One Meal Pathways programs are further providing for the growing numbers of homeless, destitute, impoverished and underprivileged people in our community.

Our Mission is to provide healthy nutritious meals and a range of human services to the homeless, destitute, impoverished and underprivileged people in our community and to assist in advancing their well-being, outlook on life and prospects for future independence – and to do so with strong ethics and integrity.

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