Click an icon, paste a hyperlink into an email, and the recipient can click straight through to the Sage 300 record.

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Email SmartLink is the latest addition to Orchid's Information Manager suite of collaboration tools, complementing our Notes and Document Management Link products.

How do you currently let someone know about a Sage 300 masterfile or transaction record that they need to review? And how do they then access the record?

This new product makes the process about as simple as you could imagine:

  1. Click the Email SmartLink icon on the menu bar of the active Sage 300 screen
  2. A new email will pop-up, enter the recipient and email content
  3. Click Ctrl-V to paste in the hyperlink to the open Sage 300 record into the email
  4. After opening and reading the email, the recipient clicks the hyperlink.
  5. If Sage 300 isn't already open, it will be automatically opened.
  6. They will be taken straight to the relevant Sage 300 screen and record 


Email SmartLink screen capture


Do you already have Orchid Document Management Link (DML)? If so, your existing DML users can have access to Email SmartLink at no extra charge.

To find out more, and see a short demo, click the Product Info button below to go to the product page.

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