We look back at the first 25 years of Orchid Systems. May the good years roll on!

25th Anniversary

Where did 2018 go? It’s fairly flown by while we’ve worked hard to improve our products, produced over 40 demo and training videos to support our partners, presented over 75 webinar sessions, and travelled around the world several times to promote our wares.

With so much happening, we almost didn’t get around to celebrating the fact that 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of Orchid's founding. Let’s set that straight by taking a quick look back.

1993 – The seed is sown

  • Steve and his friend Morris Kaplan, both Chartered Accountants, go into business together. The company that will soon become Orchid Business Systems is registered and achieves accreditation as an Accpac Solution Provider.
  • Anne arrives on the scene, and her extensive software development skills allow Orchid to expand their consulting services in new directions.
  • Orchid moves into its first business premises in Surry Hills, just a stone’s throw from Sydney’s Central Station.

Mid-to-late Nineties – Green shoots appear

  • As our client base expands, new faces appear. These include Albert, Nathalie and Susan, all of whom are still here in 2018.
  • Orchid moves across the bridge to North Sydney, where we remain to this day.
  • While the consulting business continues to grow, Anne and Albert start doing more and more software development to support our clientele. This includes the initial versions of what would become our RMA and Inter Entity modules.

The Noughties – Blossoming forth

  • Orchid starts taking their add-on modules to the world, initially focusing on the US and Canadian markets, exhibiting at various Accpac & Sage conferences.
  • We travel to Vancouver in 2003 for the inaugural TPAC conference. This would become the first of at least 16 successive appearances.
  • Also in 2003, Robert Lavery agrees to distribute and promote Orchid products in North America and the Carribean. This partnership will go on to yield 15 successive years (and counting) of year-on-year growth.
  • In 2004 the awards start rolling in as we are named the Accpac International “Development Partner Rising Star”.

The Teens – In full bloom

  • Sage names Orchid as International “Development Partner of the Year” for three successive years from 2011.
  • We maintain and expand our hectic travelling schedule, including regular trips to South Africa, Asia and the UK.
  • The Orchid product portfolio continues to grow, up to and including our ground-breaking and versatile Extender module.
  • In 2016 we step away from consulting altogether in order to focus 100% on the Orchid Systems add-on products.

It's hard to know what the next 25 years will bring, and I'm not sure I can commit to publishing a similar blog in 2043, but we look forward to continuing to develop and support Orchid's products for as long as they continue to be valued by our end users and business partners.

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