Information Manager is a suite of productivity & collaboration tools that give you relevant information from Sage 300 when you need it, where you need it, how you need it.

The full Information Manager (I/M) suite comprises the six sub-modules listed below, but you only need to purchase those you require:

  • Notes
  • Document Management Link
  • Report Runner
  • Optional Tables
  • Data Views
  • Email SmartLink

You can boost the power of I/M further still by combining them with other Orchid modules. Here are just a few examples:

  • Adding Extender to Notes opens up the world of Extended Notes. Custom scripts can conditionally display notes, generate dynamic note content ‘on the fly’, or even extract and display information from external applications.
  • While Report Runner helps you to organise, run and distribute your Sage 300 reports, adding Process Scheduler will allow you to execute them automatically according to pre-configured schedules.
  • Optional Tables works hand in glove with Info-Explorer to create a powerful budgeting and forecasting tool. Use a cube to analyse and refine your budget then write it back to both the GL budget and your custom tables.
Information Manager Sub-Modules
Info Manager Logo

Use the links below to access comprehensive information about individual products that make up the Information Manager suite. These are purchased and licensed individually, but distributed and installed together. When you install Information Manager only those I/M sub-modules with a current license will be active.