President Trump raised many eyebrows by declaring that trade wars are good. When he said they were easy to win, he may have been onto something.


When President Trump recently announced his intent to introduce hefty tariffs on the import of steel and aluminium into the US, he caught the world’s attention as only he can do.

He raised eyebrows further when he declared that “trade wars are good, and easy to win”.

Where you stand on the tariff issue may well depend on what industry you are in, which way your politics lean, and certainly which side of the US border you sit. Here at Orchid, we have at least managed to find one small area of common ground.

There is, indeed, one trade war that’s easy to win, and it’s closer to home than you might think.

I’m talking about the skirmishes that accountants and finance staff face daily as they deal with their own in-house trade wars. The bookkeeping battles that result from trading goods and services between related entities within ever more complex organizational structures.

Rather than putting up trade barriers, many users of Sage 300 are winning this war by implementing Orchid’s Inter Entity Trade module.

When you initiate a transaction in one entity, Inter Entity Trade creates the corresponding entries in the other. You no longer need to manually enter mirrored entries for each side of the transaction.

You set the rules of engagement, and benefit from improved accuracy, transparency and collaboration. Time savings means your troops on the ground are freed up to fight other battles.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a win?

About the Author:

David Lacey is Communications Manager at Orchid Systems. You can find out more about David and other Orchid staff members at the bottom of our About Us page.

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