The first step when troubleshooting should always be checking you have the latest version.

Update Available

At Orchid we don’t just release and forget. We are constantly listening to feedback from our customers, and looking for ways to improve our products. We pride ourselves on responding quickly when issues are identified, and this often takes the form of releasing incremental product updates.

For our users this means that, should an issue arise, there’s a good chance that we are already onto it, and may have already released a fix.

Product updates aren’t only to resolve defects. We also make tweaks to improve performance, or add new features that our customers have asked for.

Just a couple of recent examples:

  • Info-Explorer performance improvement: One of our users reported slow refresh time on a very large cube, with over 900,000 records and lots of unique string values. We released an update that improved performance by over 96% on their site.
  • EFT support for email throttling: Some commonly used email services introduced limits on the number of emails that can be sent per minute or session. We added some new throttling parameters to allow users to stay within such limits when sending large batches of Remittance Advices.


How to check for updates
Check for Updates

Checking is generally as simple as going to Setup / Options / Updates for the product in question. Clicking the “Check for updates” button will show you if any updates are available, and describe what’s changed.

While there, you can also check the “Notify me” box, so you’ll be alerted to any new updates in future. This is configured on a per-user basis.

Orchid users who see a relevant update should contact their registered Orchid Business Partner. They’ll be able to download the update from our website, and manage the installation.

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