We’re always looking for ways to improve our products, often based on suggestions from our Business Partners or end users. Here is a summary of some recent updates.

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More detail about these and other changes can be found in Sage 300 ("Options / Updates Tab" of the modules, and F1 help), as well as in our Knowledge Base articles and/or Training Guides (login required).

You'll need to log on to the Orchid.Systems website to access the hyperlinked KnowledgeBase articles below.

EFT Processing

  • Encryption: For added security, you can now elect to encrypt Bank Branch Code and Account Numbers stored in your database. Users will only see a masked version of the numbers.
  • Email throttling: The volume of emails sent can now be throttled (e.g. x per minute) or capped (e.g. y per session). This allows you to cater for restrictions on outbound mail placed by Gmail and other email platforms.

Information Manager

  • The term “Orchid User” supersedes “Document Management Link User”. As well as being able to access linked documents, Orchid Users can now make use of the new Email SmartLink feature.
  • Email SmartLink: allows you to email a link to a Sage 300 record from within Sage 300. The email recipient will be able to click the link and open the record (as long as they are flagged as an “Orchid User”, and there is an available user license).
  • Alert Box enhancements:
    - the Alert Box header colour now matches the configured Sage 300 Company database colour, to make life easier if you have multiple companies open.
    - Different background colours can be configured to indicate importance and attract attention to a Note.
    - You can now pin/unpin the Alert Box to/from the top right corner of the source screen
  • Note Icon:  makes it easier to to add a note, or Optional Table data, from any configured screen. You can now click the icon (as an alternative to using F11).
  • Document Management Link: now includes the ability to view folders as well as documents. 
  • Notes - Extender Scripts: This is a new “Type” of information to be displayed in the Alert Box. Extender Scripts can allow you, for example, to generate conditional notes, display data from other systems, or enable drill-through to the source transaction entry screen within Sage 300.
  • Grid Fields: Since October 2016, Notes and Document Management Link can be automatically configured to display Notes or Documents for fields that are shown in a Sage 300 Grid.  

Process Scheduler

Inter Entity Trade

Inter Entity Transactions

  • With Entity Substitutions you can now define the account number at the time of entering the transaction using Optional fields. 

Report Runner



We've enjoyed seeing the many ways partners and developers have been using Extender to push the limits of Sage 300. This has also helped us identify some opportunities to improve its performance, flexibility, and ease of use, e.g.:

  • It now runs faster, with scripts stored locally
  • It now works with optional fields on grid
  • Error handling has been improved, and messages made more meaningful
  • You can now select which editor to use when editing a script
  • New functions can be included in scripts

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